Novelty: the Mézenc and the Loire Sauvage in Randofiches

The territory of the Mézenc and Loire Sauvage and the FFRandonnée Comité Haute-Loire innovate in 2016 with the release on 14 digital Randofiches* (free downloading) and 14 “paper” Randofiches.  Let’s remind that a Randofiche is product on which one can find a unique stroll with all the necessary information to cross it:

  • Detailed IGN map with the route,
  • Description step by step of the walk,
  • Useful information (mileage, difference in heights, difficulty, etc.),
  • Explanatory sheets.

Until now, the FFRandonnée’s guidebook “Le Pays du Mézenc et de la Loire sauvage” allowed the walkers to cross the 28 hiking walks and to discover the territory in its entirety. With the release of these Randofiches, it’s an additional offer for the walkers visiting the region or wishing to discover a very precise area of the territory, which is proposed.


28 hiking tours: 2 different formats

14 printed Randofiches are offered at a small price, each tour only costs 1.00 euro and is printed on a tear-proof and weatherproof paper. The format of the folded Randofiche is of 10.5 x 15 cm, it can easily fit into your pocket!

14 digital Randofiches are available in a .pdf format, for free download. They are then transportable on your smartphone or can be printed at home!

Get the Randofiches of the guidebook of the Mézenc

The digital Randofiches of the Mézenc are available in free downloading on our dedicated page of the territory of the “Mézenc et Loire sauvage”.

To get the guidebook or the “paper” Randofiches of the Mézenc, go to our online shop.

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