Walk from the sources of Loire to the massif of Mézenc

Walk between the massifs of the mount Mézenc and of the mount Gerbier-de-Jonc (sources of Loire)

It’s a walk that will make you discover the massif of Mézenc and its summit peaking at 1753 meters of height, along with the mount Gerbier-de-Jonc which rises at 1551 meters of height and which dominates the sources of Loire. Some wonderful landscapes will expose themselves to you on huge plateaus, hilly valleys and on the summits of the Regional Natural Park of the mounts of Ardèche.

The guidebook of the GRP Tour Massif Mézenc – Gerbier-de-JoncTopoguide massif mézenc gerbier de jonc et sources de la Loire

This guidebook offers to leave on a mobility with many possibilities of tours from 3 to 5 days of hike. It includes all the necessary information to travel the walk:

  • The description of the main loop (111.5 km) and of its diagonal (20.5 km) going by the sources of Loire, with topographical IGN maps and step by step description
  • The possible accommodation along the GRP, as well as a chart of service
  • Themes texts (fauna, flora, landscapes, etc.)
  • Useful addresses

 Our suggestions of hikes from 3 to 5 days

Below, some examples of possible hikes with the guidebook of the Tour du Massif Mézenc – Gerbier-de-Jonc. Of course, a large number of variants are worth considering… it’s up to you to build your own itinerary!

…in 3 days, the Eastern part of the itinerary

  • carte tour mézenc gerbier et sources de la LoireDay 1: from Chaudeyrolles to Sagnes-et-Goudoulet by the diagonal, 27 km
  • Day 2: from Sagnes-et-Goudoulet to Borée, 23.5 km
  • Day 3: from Borée to Chaudeyrolles, 23 km

 …in 4 days, the Western part of the itinerary

  • Day 1: from Freycenet-la-Tour to Béage, 21 km
  • Day 2: from bégae to Villevieille, 10 km
  • Day 3: from Villvieille to Fay-sur-Lignon, 22.5 km
  • Day 4: from Fay-sur-Lignon to Freycenet-la-Tour, 23 km

…in 5 days, the main loop

  • Day 1: from Freycenet-la-Tour to Beauregard, 17 km
  • Day 2: from Beauregard to Sagnes-et-Goudoulet, 26 km
  • Day 3: from Sagnes-et-Goudoulet to Borée, 23.5 km
  • Day 4: from Borée to Fay-sur-Lignon, 17.5 km
  • Day 5: from Fay-sur-Lignon to Freycenet-la-Tour, 23.5 km

To discover the route of the itinerary, a photos gallery and some further information, discover the page dedicated to the Tour du massif Mézenc Gerbier-de-Jonc.

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