Our Randomobile apps in Haute-Loire

Hiking in Haute-Loire with a smartphone is now possible and it’s only the beginning! The Walking Committee of Haute-Loire and its partners have developed two applications 100% hike. The first Randomobile concerns the GR 470 Sources and gorges of Allier, which can be made in about 12 days, and the second one will make you discover the Domaine du Sauvage, situated at the edge of Haute-Loire and Lozère.

What is a Randomobile app?

A Randomobile app is the digital equivalent of a guidebook in paper. It includes the maps of the route, the description step by step, the distances, but also the accommodations, the points of interest to see on the way, some useful pieces of advice and other functionalities.

On the Randomobile apps of the Domaine du Sauvage and the GR 470 Sources et Gorges de l’Allier, besides the hiking tracks, we find, by example, some geocaching, some games, or even some snow shoes tracks.

What are the benefits of the Randomobile?

  • The Randomobile allows the walker to travel light! No need any more to carry TopoGuide, accommodation guidebooks,… everything comes from your phone.
  • The geo-tracking is another advantage since it allows to guide and to get your bearings, like with a GPS, on the way…
  • And last but not least: the Randomobile apps in Haute-Loire are freely downloadable.

And if the connection doesn’t work, I’m lost?

No, of course you’re not! Connection or not, the itinerary is fully downloaded on your smartphone. Then, you just have to activate the GPS of your smartphone to be located, so you won’t get lost.

How to get the Randomobile apps?

On a smartphone, you just have to connect to Google Play Store (for the Androïd smartphone) or the App Store (Apple) and to write in the search box “randomobile”. Then, you only have to download and install the app on your phone, by following the instructions.

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