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Our pieces of advice to walk in medium-altitude mountain

The hiking paths of Haute-Loire are passable by the majority of people and do not require a specific high altitude mountain equipment. However, be careful! The Haute-Loire is situated in the Massif-Central and has a high average altitude. Thus, the right equipment is essential. So that your walks happen in peace, read our tips.

Never go hiking without a Topoguide or an IGN mapéquipement rando topoguide et carte IGN

It’s a common sense rule well known from the harden walkers but which sometimes escapes to the beginners. In Haute-Loire, the hiking paths marked GR (Grande Randonnée  – long distance hike) or PR (Promenade et Randonnée – rambles and strolls) are numerous. When one wants to travel them, it is useful to take the Topoguide (guidebook of the most recent edition) or of the topographical IGN map of the area (scale 1:25 000).

The markings are not self-sufficient and an oversight can quickly get you lost. Furthermore, it is subject to harsh weather conditions all year long (sun, frost, snow, rain), without taking into account the vegetation that grows or the tree cutting! Anyway, despite the efforts of the teams responsible of the markings, markings remain fragile items.

Even if you want to follow the marked paths, get the right guidebook. For an average investment of 12€, it’ll avoid you some useless steps and, in some cases, to have to call the emergency services if you’re lost!

The right equipmentéquipement en randonnée léger pratique

The hiking paths of Haute-Loire have many traps and the hilly areas can play a trick on you. Thus, when you go hiking in Haute-Loire, our piece of advice is to have a minimum of equipment. Apart from some good shoes and the right clothes, we have listed the equipment which has to be in the bottom of you backpack without making it heavy:

  • A cellphone and… its charged battery (150 g)
  • A first aid kit for the small boo-boos, blister, sting, etc. (400 g)
  • A survival blanket, in case of cold snap while waiting for the emergency services (70 g)
  • A whistle to easily be located (10 g)
  • A headlamp if you’re lost… and that the night’s falling (30 g)
  • Some snacks, in addition to your regular picnic (30 g)
  • A knife (80 g)

It’s an investment that’ll be useful for each of your walks and which only weights 790 grams! Do not hesitate and come see us for further information and tips about your equipment.

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