Long-distance hikes

Long-distance hikes in Haute-Loire: the way of Santiago, Stevenson and many others

 The Haute-Loire, in the heart of Massif Central, is the starting point of mythical long-distance hikes (GR – Grande Randonnée) like the Way of Santiago de Compostela (GR 65) or the Way of Stevenson (GR 70). Yet, many other hiking trails will please the lovers of long-term hiking. For example, you’ll be able to follow some rivers remained wild such as La Loire or L'Allier, but you will also be able to discover some spectacular natural landscapes such as the massif of Mézenc - Gerbier-de-Jonc or the massif of Meygal. On our website, you will find all the hiking trails going through our region. Click on the GR you’re interested in for further information…

Plan your hiking trails with our TopoGuides

For the majority of long-distance hikes in Haute-Loire, you will find a guidebook FFRandonnée. Thus, in order to well plan your trip, we advise you the TopoGuide corresponding to your itinerary. At once a planning and field-based tool it includes:
  • A detailed topography of the itinerary on IGN map
  • The mileages and indicative walking time
  • A description step by step of the trail
  • The accommodation and services along the way
  • Some cultural and thematic information
However, for the hikes which do not have a TopoGuide yet, we provide the route of the itinerary in digital form (.gpx) as well as the list of the accommodation to download freely.

 Accommodation and services on our long-distance hikes

For each hiking trail of Haute-Loire, we publish an annual updating of the accommodation and services (luggage carriers, etc.) along the itineraries. They are a great supplement for the information about the accommodation already present in the guidebook. These accommodation guidebook can be download on the pages about each itinerary and/or are shipped with any order made on our online shop.

Order online and receive the updating

For any order on our online shop, for one or many TopoGuides, we systematically join the related accommodation guide to your order. You will thus have all the necessary information to rightly plan your hike. So, to order Topoguides, go to our online shop.

Need advice and practical information?

The hiking in Haute-Loire, it’s our job! Indeed, we create and mark out the itineraries, and we also take on a share of the publishing and updating of the TopoGuide (topography, accommodation, etc.). So, if you need further information, contact us or come see us in our hiking area in Le Puy-en-Velay !

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