The Committee

The Walking Committee of Haute-Loire

 logo ffrandonnee haute loireThe association of the Walking Committee of Haute-Loire has been asserting, for 17 years, its position in favor of the practice and development of the hike in Haute-Loire. Our occupation is split in two major approaches of development:

  • The touristic and cultural development of Haute-Loire through the hike
  • The associative and sports development of the hike in Haute-Loire

These two approaches lead us up to develop numerous partnerships, especially at the local level with some associations, local governments and private companies.

The rise of the hike in Haute-Loire

The practice of the hike hasn’t ceased to grow these past years and the Haute-Loire is an ideal playground for the walkers. The paths of  Santiago de Compostela or of Stevenson are the greatest examples, in Haute-Loire, of the flight of the hike. We endeavor to develop and promote all the long-distance footpaths of Haute-Loire.

Apart from the long-distance footpaths (GR), the success of the Walks and Hikes (PR), is also increasing. A great number of territories has already understood the tourism appeal caused by a network of PR walks well thought out, marked and maintained. Thus, we’re in close collaboration with more than 60% of the local council communities of Haute-Loire. They’ve already trust us for the creation and the follow-up of their network of walks and hikes (3 000 km of PR paths).

The guidebook FFRandonnée PR are, today, some indispensable field tools for the touristic development of the territories.

Sports and associative section

The Walking Committee of Haute-Loire counts 11 federated associations which represent 850 members. We are proud of being able to help and guide them in their development.

The walking committee of Haute-Loire offers to them some hiking group leader and map reading training programs… We also support them during the organization of public walks that can attract hundreds or even thousands of people.

Some numbers about the hike in Haute-Loire

  • More than 1500 km of long-distance footpaths GR marked and maintained in Haute-Loire,
  • Network of more than 350 itineraries of hikes and walks PR marked and maintained by regional governments,
  • Follow up and edition of 18 TopoGuides FFRandonnée of GR and PR in Haute-Loire,
  • Design of the contents of the first app Randomobile GR of France for the GR 470 Sources et Gorges de l’Allier,
  • 200 hosts partners called “Compagnon de Route” (fellow travelers) of the Committee of Haute-Loire,
  • 120 volunteers and people who are responsible of the marking of the path (called “baliseurs”), and 3 salaried,
  • 850 walkers’ members of the FFRandonnée Haute-Loire.

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