Saint James: equip yourself with the lightest

The lightest? No, the most reliable! No, the most efficient…no! The best! Because we’ve created the itinerary of the way of Saint James GR 65, because we’ve walked its itinerary, made its cartography and its descriptions and because our teams mark it out over and over for you, walkers and pilgrims.

Long story short, for all this, we know what you need to travel the way of Santiago de Compostela.

You’re going from Le Puy to Conques or Figeac?

 Only one document will be useful: the FFRandonnée’s guidebook of the way of Santiago de Compostela, from Le Puy-en-Velay to Figeac!  187 grams, 120 useful pages, IGN maps, accommodations… everything’s inside!

Order the last edition on our shop online… and on top of that, we send you some documentation 🙂

You’re going further away?

As you go forward, just get the required FFRandonnée TopoGuide. Send the previous one back home, by the Post office to stay light!

You’re already in Figeac? Then continue your pilgrimage towards Santiago de Compostela with the guidebook Figeac-Moissac ref. 652.

You’re in Moissac? Same principle! It’s the TopoGuide ref. 653, from Moissac to Roncevaux, that you will need.

The Spanish part

Way more « linear » than the French part of the way of Saint James, the Spanish part can be travelled without any guidebook. But you can still get the IGN map (scale 1: 100 000) from Roncevaux to Santiago or even the Michelin guidebook of the Camino Francès (scale 1: 150 000) to gather information about the GR.

A few pages of the Topoguide towards Santiago from le Puy to Figeac

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A télécharger

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  • Sorry, this entry is only available in French.