Extreme heat, our piece of advice

Hot period in Haute-Loire, our recommendations while hiking

In heatwave, it is advised to limit all physical effort. If you can postpone you ramble, please do so, the landscapes will wait for you! But the travel or long-distance footpath settled since a long time cannot always be cancelled. This article will remind you some common sense rules during your outing.

The day before your walk…

On the day before your departure, put your isothermal bags for your flasks in the freezer. Thus, they’ll stay fresh much longer the following day.

Your flasks, as for them, will be stored in the refrigerator for the night (avoid freezed water). Make sure to take between 1.5 and 2 liters of water to carry in your backpack.

Bring some tablets to purify the water you’ll find on the way and, eventually, a little spray of water (it’s light and it’s so pleasant to spray water on our face).

Leave early in the morning!

Even if the waking up is hard, your effort, it, will only be easier. These last days, the temperature at 6 o’clock in the morning already exceed 20°C, you’ll always be more at ease in the morning than under 38°C right in the middle of the afternoon.

Wear light and wide clothes of light colors. They’ll less absorb the heat compared to clothes with darker colors. It is imperative to have a cap or a hat. Also, do not forget to take sunscreen and sunglasses.

Start to drink water before your departure.

During your walk…

During your walk, make some regular breaks in the shade and keep yourself hydrated. It’s better to drink frequently on small amounts than straight away empty half of your flask.

Think of eating too! Drink isn’t enough, your body also needs to get back energy. Think of taking a picnic copious enough as well as snacks (fruits, cereals …) to eat during an effort.

Fill your flask as soon as possible in a café, near a cemetery or a fountain. In case of doubt about the potability of the water, use some tablets of purification.

Take advantage of water points, fountains and rivers to soak your cap and wet you forearms and neck.

In case of heatstroke (headache, heart rate too quick, dizziness, etc.), you need to stop right away, if possible in the shade, drink and call the emergency (18 or 112) if you’re alone!

After the walk…

Sit in the shade and continue to drink after the walk to make up the dehydration which occurred during your efforts!

Only when the temperature of your body came back down, a good shower will do you a world of good!

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