The Nordic walking in Haute-Loire

La marche nordique en Haute-Loire

The practice of the Nordic walking is more and more widespread inside the walking clubs. More strenuous than the “classic” hikes, the sessions of Nordic walking are made to increase the movement of swing of the arms thanks to two walking poles, the body is propelled forward.

Therefore the Nordic walking allows to walk faster, for a longer time. All the muscles of the body or so being loaded, the energy expenditure is more important than during a simple hike.

For who?

Whether it is in a family group or with friends, young or less young, the Nordic walking is accessible by everybody. The enthusiasts of hike will find there a physical activity more advanced. A session of Nordic walking can easily be adjusted for an audience having more or less a good physical condition, beginner or sportsperson.

Practice the Nordic walking in Haute-Loire

In Haute-Loire, two clubs already propose the Nordic walking in their program of hikes.

Do not hesitate to contacts them for further information and to try a session of Nordic walking.

Proceedings of a session

Less long than a classic hike, the Nordic walking takes place in the form of a session of 1:30 to 2:00. The sessions can be built like this:

  • Muscular and joint warm up (10 minutes)
  • Gradual start-up and Nordic walking itself (1:00 – 1:30)
  • Stretching and recovery (10 – 15 minutes)

The equipment for the Nordic walking

The walking poles

Essential technical accessories, your Nordic walking poles have to be made of carbon and fiberglass. Resistant (load till 300 kg), they will assure you flexibility and comfort.

For moderate practice, prefer walking poles mainly made of fiberglass (flexibility and comfort) and inversely for an intensive practice (sturdiness).

Prefer the use of walking poles of one-piece which are stronger than folding walking poles in the long run. The size of the pole has to equal to the height of the walker x 0.70.

Your walking poles must also have a comfortable hand strap. It allows to pass the thrust of the upper body to the walking poles. Have a preference for hand straps in the shape of removable gauntlets covering the thumb. Thus, you’ll gain in comfort during the break and warm up.

The shoes

It depends of your playground, you can need low walking shoes or even running shoes for the easier fields.

Some real benefits for the health

Every physical activity brings benefit to the organism and to the mind. Besides the laps, buttock and calves, the Nordic walking permits to tone up the upper limbs of the body (arms, shoulders, chest muscles…) thanks to the movement of swing of these ones.

The Nordic walking offers a cardiovascular activity similar to a moderate speed running. The breathing is also improved as well as the strengthening of bones thanks to the vibrations caused during the poles plant.

The practice of Nordic walking can also help in weight loss, the energy expenditure being 40% higher than the one for the classic hike.

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