5 good reasons to subscribe to an FFRandonnée membership card

Licence FFRandonnée pourquoi adhérer

The sport season is almost here! You like hiking and want to share your passion? Whether you are walking alone or in a club, this article is made for you. Our 12 clubs FFRandonnée of Haute-Loire are looking for new members! So join them by subscribing to an FFRandonnée membership card!

Why take an FFRandonnée membership card?

1 – Because you like hiking trails and so do we! Subscribe to a membership card is an act of participation in the promotion and preservation of the hiking trails. The more our trails are marked out, the more our members will be numerous and the walkers’ voices heard by the elected representatives!

2 – Because with an FFRandonnée Club you will be able to discover many walking practices: Nordic walking, health walking, snowshoe hike… and all this, supervised by qualified volunteer group leaders of the Committee! They will make you discover brand new hiking trails and new landscapes. You will also be able to enjoy package holidays outside of Haute-Loire.

3 – Because in our clubs you will meet new people, interested just like you by the hiking, in a friendly atmosphere. Often, several levels of hikes are proposed with adapted distances and difficulties.

4 – Because an FFRandonnée membership card in one of our clubs only costs around thirty euros a year!

5 – Because with an FFRandonnée membership card comes with a specific insurance dedicated to the hike, whether you’re walking with a club, alone, in France or abroad… more details on the FFRandonnée page

…and the little extra: discounts on your purchases at our store La Croisée des Chemins!

How subscribe to an FFRandonnée membership card?

Nothing’s easier! You just have to contact one of our federated club which will be delighted to welcome you. For the first walk in a hiking club, the FFRandonnée membership card isn’t mandatory. If the program, the group and the ambiance suit you then the person in charge will make you subscribe to a membership card. If not, you can still try another club.

Where can you subscribe to an FFRandonnée membership card?

In an FFRandonnée club, near your place. In Haute-Loire, they are all listed on our website’s clubs page.

When to take an FFRandonnée membership card?

The validity of an FFRandonnée membership card matches the academic year, from September to September. The best moment to take or renew it is therefore… September!

What are the kinds of FFRandonnée membership cards?

Different kinds of membership cards are available, especially for families, where you can subscribe – for less- for each member of your home.

There is also a multi-activities FFRandonnée membership card which will cover you during other outdoor sport practices:

  • Via ferrata
  • Alpine skiing or cross-country skiing
  • Glacier hiking
  • Trail running
  • Cycling hike
  • Equestrian hike

You don’t want go through a club?

If you want to join the FFRandonnée but without going through a club, it’s also possible thanks to the Randocarte. The Randocarte is a membership card directly taken with your Walking Committee of Haute-Loire. It offers the same advantages than a club’s membership card. Its price is 35 euros.

For more information

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly help you.

You can also directly contact one of our federated hiking clubs.

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