GR 300 Way of Saint Michel

New mobility, the GR 300 Way of Saint Michel

More than a project, the GR 300 Chemin de Saint-Michel is a roaming of which the aim, over time, is to join the Saint Michael’s Mount to Aiguilhe, in Haute-Loire, then towards Italy and Spain by joining the great sites dedicated to Saint-Michel. Today, the mobility on GR® is possible between Tours and Aiguilhe, in Haute-Loire. A digital guidebook will be soon available.

A nice initiative

It’s in close collaboration with the Walking Committee of Haute-Loire, the Mont Saint-Michel of Aiguilhe and the association of the same name that was born this initiative. It’s about, thanks to the GR®, joining the great sites dedicated to Saint Michael: from the Saint Michael’s Mount in Aiguilhe (Haute-Loire), from Aiguilhe to La Sacra di San Michele near Turin or Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa in Catalonia.

More than a project, a reality

A regional action in Auvergne has allowed the creation of The GR 300 which, from now one, allows to cross the whole region, from Bourbonnais to Auvergne and Velay. The three Walking Committee of Allier, Puy-de-Dôme and Haute-Loire work at the edition of a digital TopoGuide®. But, as from now, you can go on their website to see the itinerary of the path and plan your stopovers.

Walk between Tours and Aiguilhe

From Tours, by the GR® 42 then 300, the mobility is possible. Your journey will make you join Montluçon, Clermont-Ferrand then, in the valley of Allier, Issoire, Brioude and Aiguilhe and its administrative center town Le Puy-en-Velay, in Haute-Loire.

A construction which continues

In the direction of Italy, the work has started to go to the valley of Rhône then towards Gap and Briançon.

Vos avis !

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