GR 470 Sources and Gorges of Allier

Go back up the Allier, wild river, by the GR 470

The long-distance hike of the Sources and Gorges of Allier (GR 470) invites you to go back up the valley of Allier, from Brioude to its sources, from Haute-Loire to Lozère. You will discover wild and various landscapes, from the bottom of the valley to the plateaus of Gévaudan and Velay, when the path goes away from the river. This long-distance hike GR, which runs along one of the last wild rivers of Europe, is 190 km long and can be covered in 11 days of walking.

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Stopovers on the GR 470 Sources and Gorges of Allier

This 190 km route can be traversed in 11 stopovers, distributed as follows:

  • Stopover 1 from Brioude to Villeneuve d’Allier, 20.6 km (about 5h30 of walk)
  • Stopover 2 from Villeneuve d’Allier to Lavoûte-Chilhac, 13.8 km (about 4h of walk)
  • Stopover 3 from Lavoûte-Chilhac to Langeac, 18.4 km (about 5h of walk)
  • Stopover 4 from Langeac to Prades, 18.5 km (about 5h of walk)
  • Stopover 5 from Prades to Monistrol d’Allier, 12.4 km (about 3h30 of walk)
  • Stopover 6 from Monistrol d’Allier to Pont d’Alleyras, 17.6 km (about 5h of walk)
  • Stopover 7 from Pont d’Alleyras to Chapeauroux, 22.2 km (about 6h of walk)
  • Stopover 8 from Chapeauroux to Landos, 12.7 km (about 3h15 of walk)
  • Stopover 9 from Landos to Langogne, 20 km (about 5h of walk)
  • Stopover 10 from Langogne to Cheylard-l’Évêque, 17.5 km (about 4h20 of walk)
  • Stopover 11 from Cheylard-l’Évêque to La Bastide-Puylaurent, 22.5 km (about 6h30 of walk)

Variant by the plateau of Margeride

From Prades, it is possible to follow the variant by the plateau of Margeride. It then reaches the main itinerary in Langogne:

  • Stopover 5 A from Prades to Saint-Préjet-d’Allier, 21.4 km (about 6h of walk)
  • Stopover 6 A from Saint-Préjet-d’Allier to Grandrieu, 18.2 km (about 4h50 of walk)
  • Stopover 7 A from Grandrieu to Langogne, 30 km (about 8h of walk)

Accommodations and services

Accommodations are at your service on the hike of the Sources and Gorges of Allier. Bed and breakfast, stopover gîtes, campsites or even hotels, you will find a list of service providers in the guide of accommodations and useful information or on our dedicated page about the accommodations.  Do not hesitate to contact them!

For the transportation of luggage or people, the Malle Postale offers this hike in its brochure. You can consult our others transporters partners who will draw up a quote on request.

To come back to your starting point, it’s possible to take the Cévenol train in La Bastide-Puylaurent. It will allow you another discocery of the wild valley while taking you back to Brioude.

Randofiches, GPS track or mobile app

There isn’t any TopoGuide for the route of Sources and Gorges of Allier! But don’t worry, three solutions present themselves to you:

  • A mobile app Randomobile, available on Google Play or the App Store, for your phone,
  • Some Randofiches to download (see opposite),
  • The GPS tracks of the itinerary (see opposite).

Access to the starting point

Brioude, the starting city of the hike Sources and Gorges of Allier, is accessible:

  • From Paris, going by Clermont-Ferrand, by the A71 and the A75 (4h30 of ride from Paris, then 1h from Clermont-Ferrand),
  • From Lyon, going by Le Puy-en-Velay, by the RN88 and RN102 (about 2h30 of ride),
  • From Montpellier, by the A75 (about 2h45 of ride),
  • From Toulouse by the A68, then RN88 and A75 (about 3h45 of ride).

For the train or plane enthusiasts, Brioude is only 45 minutes away, by car, of the airport of Clermont-Ferrand and also owns a train station.


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  2. Raturat Denise says:

    Je viens de faire les 3 premières étapes, de brioude à langeac.
    Le GR470 est costaud surtout lorsqu’il fait très chaud…
    Seul bémol, constater la fermeture des 2 restaurants à la Voute Chilhac.
    Heureusement, le propriétaire de Charivari, nous a dépanner
    Maison d’hôtes super sympa


    Je rencontre un problème pour télécharger les randos fiches étapes 7, 10 et 11 pour du GR 470 + les randos fiches étapes 5bis, 6bis et 7 bis.
    Je n’ai eu aucun problèmes pour les autres étapes ainsi que pour la fiche hébergements
    Comment puis-je y remédier
    Par avance merci Bien cordialement

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