The Randofiches of Loire-Semène

The territory of Loire Semène is situated in Haute-lore, between the Pilat massif and the river Loire. It is crossed by the Semène, river which starts on the vast plateaus of the Pilat and reaches the Loire by some wild and plunging gorges.

It’s an ideal location for the inhabitants near Saint-Etienne and Firminy, who will be able to enjoy some countryside strolls a few minutes away from home!

Discovering the territory Loire-Semène while hiking

We offer you 14 hiking routes to go discover the area of Loire-Semène. The strolls have length going from 4 to 15 km and are accessible to the largest possible number.

You will enjoy some views upon the Loire, near Aurec-sur-Loire, the steep gorges of the Semène, near Mont-Salomon, or even vast plateaus in Saint-Just-Malmont or Saint-Victor-Malescours.

Respirando approved, the tracks are marked and tended by the local council community of Loire Semène.

Get the tracks of Loire-Semène

The 14 hiking routes in Loire Semène are available in the form of single Randofiches1 printed on a tear-proof and waterproof papier, on our online shop, at the price of 1 euro / walk.

You can also download them freely here:

PR 88 La tour d Oriol –PR 89 Les gorges de la Semène
PR 268 Le circuit du Crapaud – PR 272 Le circuit du Crouzet
PR 276 Le tour des moulins de la Semène – PR 278 Le circuit de Malploton
PR 284 Les dames de la Séauve Bénite – PR 300 Le circuit de l Hermet Haut
PR 386 Le bois de Villeneuve – PR 428 Le circuit de Mons
PR 623 Le saut du Chien – PR 641 Le Chemin du Paradis
PR 658 Le circuit de l Ecureuil – PR675 Le Bois de Chapelet

1Note: the term Randofiche® designates a field-based tool which allows to cross a hike in loop, including an IGN map and all the necessary information.

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icone difficulté difficileDifficile

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