From Rochebaron to Chalencon, gorges of Ance and Andrable – 18 tracks

The land of Rochebaron to Chalencon

In the North of Haute-Loire, the territory of Rochebaron to Chalencon offers an ideal playground for the hikers. These walks will give you the opportunity to discover an outstanding nature especially with the gorges of Loire, Ance and Andrable, but also a remarkable heritage with the castles of Rochebaron, Chalencon or even the bridge of the devil


The guidebook of the “Pays de Rochebaron à Chalencon”

Inside the guidebook of Rochebaron to Chalencon, 18 hiking tours are suggested. From easy walks of about 1h30 to sportive hikes f more than 6 hours… there’s something for each level!

Each walk includes a detailed IGN map as well as a description step by step of the tour. One can also find useful information (parking lot, starting point of the walk, difference in height…) and information about the place to see near the walk.

To get the Topoguide of the “Pays de Rochebaron à Chalencon”, go to our shop online.

Quality and marked hiking tours

These walks are marked in yellow by the Municipalities Communities of the Marche du Velay – Rochebaron. Each tour has a sign at its beginning and yellow marking along the way.

The hiking trails’ certification label Respirando is a quality assurance:

  • Itinerary following the public property
  • Ways with less than 30% of tarmac
  • Signage system and markings on each tour
  • Secured and regularly maintained ways

The walks in the Topoguide “Rochebaron à Chalencon” have been scouted out, on the field, by professionals. However, we advise you to keep the guidebook within easy reach. Our playground stays the nature… therefore, the markings can fade or be hidden by the vegetation… Thanks to the details of the maps and the description of the path gathered in the guidebook, you’ll be able to follow the right way!

To download the tracks

PR 106 Le Tour du Malorum – PR 193 Le circuit de Pieyres –

PR 196 Les gorges de l’AndrablePR 198 Les gorges de l’Ance

PR 206 Le bois du BèsPR 210 Le Moulinet

PR 212 La vallée de l’Ance – PR 430 Le pont d’Angelard

PR 442 Saint-RochPR 659 Autour de la Bloue

PR 661 Le Moulin de CanelPR 666 Le pont du Diable

676 Le Tour des étangsPR 677 Les balcons de Malvalette

PR 678 La Chapelle Saint-RégisPR 679 Le circuit des Planchettes

PR 681 De Chomont aux Côtes PR 682 Les plateaux de Saint-André

Cliquez sur les marqueurs pour afficher le détail du circuit

icone difficulté très facileTrès facile
icone difficulté facileFacile
icone difficulté moyenMoyen
icone difficulté difficileDifficile

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